Connecticut's New Pool Barrier Code
what you need to know

Connecticut’s pool safety codes have always included specific requirements about fencing around residential pools. However, as of October 1, 2022, Connecticut has adopted the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, allowing pools that have an approved automatic pool cover to waive compliance with barrier fence requirements.

Wondering what that means for you? We asked our in-house experts to walk us through the safety considerations and design opportunities of this new rule, and what we’re doing to provide the highest quality of care for our clients.

Safety Considerations

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Safety remains our top priority, and we encourage you to consider some of the following ways to ensure that your pool remains as safe as possible.

Think in terms of “Layers of Protection”
At Glengate, we think in terms of “layers of protection” – to keep every family as safe as possible. The first layer is always adult supervision, but we encourage pool owners to build additional safety features into their pool design, including: barriers, automatic pool covers, door alarms, water level sensors, and more. Just because the code does not require a barrier with an automatic pool cover doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate one! Learn more about layers of protection.

Know your Property
Each family, and each property, is unique and will require their own layers of protection. Some things you might think about include: Do you have young children or pets that don’t know how to swim? How far is your property from your neighbors? If close by, do your neighbors have children, pets, or frequent guests with children? Do wild animals such as deer, skunks, or bears live in your area? These animals are often drawn to water and risk drowning in your pool.

Maintain your Cover
Swimming pools are a great source of joy and memories for homeowners, and having a safe, secure pool ensures peace of mind. When relying on an automatic pool cover to provide a layer of protection to your home, we recommend working with a qualified pool cover company and scheduling regular maintenance to keep your cover in good working condition at all times.

Design Opportunity


Whether our clients are interested in a landscape free of barriers, or if they prefer to incorporate a fence for privacy or safety reasons, we’re excited by the chance to continue thinking innovatively about pool environments.

Explore New Barriers
A beautiful fence can be both functional and sophisticated, adding elegance to a property while also providing privacy and safety for its inhabitants. From glass fences to fences hidden behind beautiful hedges, and more, our designers are skilled at incorporating pool barriers seamlessly into our designs. However, this new rule allows us to be even more creative, playing with fence height and spacing to provide a level of protection with a lighter, airier feel and less visual interruption.

Organic Transitions
The reduced requirement for pool barriers allows us to define landscapes in new ways. Whether you’re looking for uninterrupted views, or more natural, organic transitions between outdoor spaces, we’ll work with you to create an environment tailored to your lifestyle.

Glengate's Commitment


While the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code has been adopted by several other municipalities, it is still new to Connecticut. Over the coming months, Glengate’s in-house experts will be working hard to ensure we know all there is to know.

Town-level Modifications
Town governments have the authority to impose more stringent regulations than the state requires. As local towns familiarize themselves with this new rule, our experts will be monitoring any additional elements each individual town may consider.

Additional Training
Our Pool Care Technicians are all knowledgeable about the automatic pool covers we install. Over the coming months and beyond, we will continue to deepen our understanding of safety covers and learn new troubleshooting techniques so that our technicians are able to help open or close a malfunctioning cover until the pool cover company can address the underlying problem.

Layers of Protection
From fencing options and automatic safety covers, to pool alarms and sensors, our teams will continue to recommend several layers of pool safety to all of our clients.