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A vision starts with listening. Our award-winning Landscape Architects begin by understanding your lifestyle and observing your home’s architecture, as well as the surrounding environment. This leads to a collaborative process to create a holistic plan that balances aesthetics, function and budget. Once aligned, our in-house project managers and craftsmen seamlessly execute the plan – from permitting to final details – making the vision real.

The 5 Core Glengate Landscape Design Principles

From concept formation to environmental preservation, we take great pride in our landscape designs. Go behind the scenes and read  how our talented team of architects, designers and gardeners transform regular spaces into unforgettable landscapes.

EXPERT Landscape

Taking the time to really get to a know the lay of the land is probably one of the most important parts of a project. Each landscape is so different and special. Trees, un-level ground, hills, and cliffs even, all present an opportunity that gets me excited to work on a project. Our jobs go beyond building a patio, we take your vision and transform it into a space perfect for living. That's what we like to call, the Glengate Difference.

Brandon J., Design Director
Glengate Company

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