Brandon Jones

President – design director

As a child, Brandon learned from his grandfather in their family’s garden that outdoor spaces have the power to evoke emotion. This was his inspiration to pursue a career that has allowed him to enhance his clients’ lives through his design work.

Often seen on the dais receiving national, regional and local awards for his designs, Brandon has a unique creative ability to coalesce a client’s vision, lifestyle and surrounding architecture into the perfect landscape setting. Brandon has been at Glengate for 15 years and leads an exceptionally talented team of Landscape Designers and Architects.



Jason Scott

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Senior Vice President, Market Finance – Mariani Premier Group

Jason M. Scott, CPA serves as the Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Glengate, overseeing all facets of financial management, administration, and human resources.

He draws from a wealth of experience exceeding 15 years, distinguished by a succession of leadership roles spanning business management, corporate finance, and merger and acquisition activities. Jason has previously held senior-level positions with Ernst & Young, JP Morgan and USI Insurance Services.

Jason joined Glengate in 2017 as a 4th-generation leader. The company was founded by his great-grandfather Joseph Scott Sr. in the 1930s and then spearheaded by his grandfather, Joe Scott, until 2013 and his father, Jordy Scott, until 2024. In his role today, Jason drives strategic initiatives and operational management propelling the firms’ profitable growth trajectory. Jason is also Senior Vice President, Market Finance at Glengate parent company Mariani Premier Group. He leads the financial, business systems and local HR operations at both Glengate and Hoffman Landscapes

Josh Almeida

Senior Vice President, Operations

Josh Almeida’s passion for leading a team to create and maintain beautiful outdoor environments began during a summer job at Glengate. Josh learned from that summer experience how rewarding it is to design, install, and maintain properties alongside talented and dedicated artisans, and landscape and pool professionals. Throughout his career at Glengate, he has valued the family culture that inspires and invests in their people, as well as the trusted relationships amongst colleagues dedicated to providing five-star client experiences.

Today, Josh leads the Construction, Property Care, and Pool Care teams with the firm belief that the Glengate’s strength is our people. He is committed to his Glengate “family,” which continues to fuel our success by transforming our clients’ properties and delivering the highest level of personalized service.

Dan Maki


VP, Property Care & Construction

Dan has 25 years of horticulture and landscape construction experience, 15 of those with Glengate. With a keen eye for engineering details, production logistics, and worksite planning, there is no property too complex or difficult for Dan. In fact, the tougher, the better. This is why you will often find him in the field working side by side with the teams of landscape professionals he manages.

Whether installing gardens, constructing a pergola or excavating for a pool, Dan prides himself on working with clients to find creative, effective solutions for their property and helping them bring to life the dreams and aspirations they have for their landscape.



Bob Russell


VP, Pool Care & Renovation

Bob has been a driving force in the swimming pool industry for 33 years at Glengate. Having managed hundreds of complex pool renovations, there isn’t an issue Bob hasn’t seen and resolved for his clients.

Today, he runs our pool care and renovation teams – setting high standards to not only maintain beautiful pools, but to do it on time and on budget. As an admitted “tech geek,” he is continuously introducing new innovations to help clients’ pools run cleaner, safer and efficiently. This passion for the industry has led him to positions as President of the Connecticut Chapter of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and Board Member of the Northeast Spa & Pool Association.



Tina Wills

Talent & Culture

Tina has been with Glengate since 2000. In her role as HR Director, she spearheads Glengate Recruiting, Training and Career Development Programs. Tina is a Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management.

Her mission is to seek out the best qualified talent from across the country and ensure that each individual meets the high Glengate standards of professional and service excellence.

The unique Glengate culture and the emphasis on employee engagement and growth is the reason why so many employees and their families continue to work here year after year – and why so many candidates want to!



Florence Kane

Marketing Director

Florence spent 18 years as a magazine editor and writer at Vogue, Glamour and other fashion and lifestyle publications. Her enthusiasm for landscapes and horticulture led her to the New York Botanical Gardens education program, and then to Glengate, where she began as a Property Care Manager.
As a PCM in the field for two seasons, Florence collaborated with field crews and managers to ensure the best outcomes for Glengate clients while maintaining and enhancing their properties. As Marketing Director at Glengate, she now combines the experience gained as a Property Care Manager with her background in media.

Tricia Gala

Director of Operations & Business Systems

Tricia Gala, the Director of Operations & Business Systems, joined Glengate in 2013 with a financial background working in Glengate’s Property Care division. Since then, she has played a crucial role in overseeing IT management and the company’s vehicle fleet, utilizing her expertise to improve operations and drive profitability.
Tricia has been instrumental in developing and streamlining various processes for our Property Care and Design Build departments. This includes developing or revamping contracts and estimates while working closely with production and spearheading the companywide implementation of Aspire software to maximize efficiency, often creating processes from scratch.
As a leader in process innovation, Tricia’s contributions extend beyond her division. Her focus on efficiency and innovation has resulted in seamless business processes and impactful results throughout the entire organization.

Jordy Scott

Jordan Scott



“For me, it has always been about vision. First, it’s about the vision for what a property can be – aesthetically and artistically. That’s where it all starts – the power to create experiences that move people. It’s also about the vision of what kind of company I wanted to create. I’m so proud of all of the passionate and talented teammates that I get to work with every day. The ultimate vision is being able to look at the property through the eyes of my clients. From seeing the unrealized opportunity at first to seeing the joy of our clients in their finished spaces– that’s what I find most inspiring about what we get to do.”