Glengate is a Four Seasons Company

We design, build and maintain distinctive pools and landscapes for the most discriminating homeowners. Everything we do is not only meticulously and creatively planned,  but implemented with a reverence for The Four Seasons.

Unmatched Service. All Year Round.

Scroll to watch the seasons unfold before your eyes – and experience how Glengate expertly manages properties through every season.


You can feel it in that first warm breeze. You can smell the delightfully fresh air.

It is Spring — a gorgeous palette of colors, hues, sounds, and light reawakening your property.

Soon you will see our teams arriving, setting the stage for the majesties of the glorious months to come. 

For Spring and everything after.


One day, one glorious moment, you open the window, and summer rushes in.

There’s nothing else in the world quite like it.

Summer is a time to dwell, to observe, to relax, and to soak up all of the majesties of your property, artfully designed and skillfully maintained by the premier name in outdoor lifestyle: Glengate Pool and Property.

Embrace every long but fleeting moment knowing the artists and artisans at Glengate stand ready to serve you 24/7.


Suddenly, there’s a chill in the air. The days are slowly getting shorter and the nights noticeably cooler.

Soon, a riot of colors — red, yellow and orange leaves and plantings — will create a gorgeous mosaic of the changing season. 

This is also the perfect time for the artists, artisans, arborists and horticulturalists of Glengate to prune, fertilize and plant. 

Preparing your property for the seasons ahead, creating new designs to wake up and come to life once the warm weather returns, as it always does.


The fireplace leaps and crackles. Holiday decorations radiate a joy of bright colors and dazzling lights. 

Family and friends gather to share stories of love and blessings with one another. 

Put simply, it is The Most Enchanting Time Of The Year.  

Yes, the time of our planting, sewing, designing, and building has given way to the tranquility of the season, but our workshop is still buzzing with plans and dreams that will greet us again once the spring birds return.

That’s the Four Seasons of Glengate.

Let Glengate Expertly Manage Your Property – All Year Long

What started as our great-grandfather’s vision to build spectacular pools has evolved into a luxury lifestyle company encompassing landscaping, pool design, construction, and outdoor furniture & design services.

Today we are a thriving business of over 180 artists and artisans, serving the most discerning homeowners throughout Connecticut and Westchester.

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