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Earth Day 2021: Join Forces with Aspetuck Land Trusts Green Corridor

Looking for something special to do to commemorate Earth Day in 2021? We recommend joining forces with a community initiative such as Aspetuck Land Trusts Green Corridor (, a program that Glengate partners with year-round. Need a hand getting started? Glengate offers a wide range of tailored services to help your property become an environmental superstar. Keep reading for a few easy steps to get your property greener in 2021.

  • Go Native: Native plants are finally getting their due with professionals and hobbyists alike recognizing their natural beauty and incredible impact on the greater food web for native insects, birds, and mammals. Whether it be scattering natives into an existing design or going all out with a completely fresh design Glengate’s designers can help you achieve your green goals and introduce you to some spectacular native species. Once your design is installed our horticultural staff is educated and equipped to provide Five Star Service for your plant material, allowing it to grow and benefit your local ecosystem for years to come.
  • Turfing Out Traditional Lawn Care: Glengate’s Organic Lawn Health Care program can turn your lawn from a resource desert that provides no sustenance or shelter for beneficial insects into a space that benefits you as well as your local pollinators. Speak with any of our licensed professionals to see how we custom tailor our Lawn Health Care programs to fit your needs.

…Don’t Spray It. Eschewing pesticide and herbicide usage is a great way to lower your negative impact on the beneficial insect community.  Did you know that Glengate only hires and trains state-certified pesticide applicators to service your property? Our staff combined with your customized Property Care Agreement work to guarantee that smart horticulture is being practiced on your property.  Interested in learning more? Call today to have a customized agreement prepared for you.