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Service: Don’t Build A Pool Without It

A pool or spa MUST be beautiful AND must work beautifully!

-Bob Russell, Partner, Glengate Company

Glengate was considered unique and even a bit “odd” in the 70’s through the 90’s in that we combined design, construction and service under one roof. Only in recent decades have several other local companies attempted to build to a similar business model; in so doing, they, like us, have discovered how challenging this is.

I’m not going to sugar-coat our story… it takes a very special team of people, lots of hard work and plenty of endurance. I can say that it has absolutely been worth the journey.

By the late ‘90s, economists began to observe and write about a shift in US marketplace- towards “a service economy.” As if to punctuate this, companies like Lexus emerged and seemed to grab significant market share “overnight” through a “service first” approach.

While most companies were trying to keep up with this change or were re-tooling; Glengate found itself on a leading edge of this particular marketplace learning curve. We had been perfecting a “One Vision, One Company” approach for years and what Lexus did in Greenwich simply punctuated this for me- we knew we were on the right track. (It also helped that one of our clients was the service manager at Lexus Of Greenwich and he didn’t mind sharing their business model with us.)

By the 90’s we were employing a one-price comprehensive service agreement and thought in terms of “clients for life.” Our target clients- the “high-end, residential home-owner,” greatly valued their time and were actively looking for service providers who made it easy to do business with. We heard this clearly in our marketplace and decided to respond with the best answers. At the time there were only a few companies thinking this way so there was plenty of space to step in to!

By 2004 our design, construction and service teams had made major strides towards integration and our highest company value was providing our clients with a great experience that had a beginning and no end. 

Dependability is often the first thing on your list when making a purchase as grand as a pool. Beautiful pools require beautiful engineering and licensed service technicians to keep them in top form.

Pools in the Northeast are typically open for 5-6 months and closed for 6 to 7 months. In spite of this, the owners of both of the pictured pools will tell you an intensive service plan is worth it.

Our job is to think about such details so a pool/spa owner doesn’t have to. Your pool should be a backyard retreat not a source of frustration, ever.

We engineer our pools and spas to be “low maintenance” and “easy to use.” Low maintenance is the best maintenance. Service is designed and engineered into every Glengate pool and spa. 

When considering a project, look for a company that has integrated all three disciplines: Design, Construction and Service. 

Pool or Spa Quick Checklist:

  • Environmentally Responsible:
    • Automatic Pool/Spa cover.
    • Variable speed pumps.
    • LED lighting.
    • High-tech sanitization. 
    • Efficient filtration.
    • Engineered hydraulics.
  • Necessary Safety Features:
    • Divided suction points/ Anti-entrapment covers.
    • Layers of protection.
  • Easy To Use:
    • Remote Controls/ Smart Device App (turn your phone into a remote control.
    • Great design. 
    • Glengate Guaranteed Service.
  • Engineered to Last:
    • There are no shortcuts worth taking. 
    • From soils and drainage to structural steel and concrete. 
    • Limit buried plumbing when you can.